Chocolate paradise in Belgium

Chocolate paradise in Belgium

Chocolate paradise in Belgium

All chocolate lovers should prepare themselves before going to Belgium as this is a place where it’s almost impossible to resist and don’t try another candy or chocolate bar. Brussels, Belgium capital, offers fantastic sightseeing, truly amazing architecture, numerous attractions and its diamond – divine chocolates.

When you arrive to Brussels, consider taking a bike and making a bike tour as this is not only fun, but also simply the best way to explore this city. There are several must seen places like Grand Palace or statue of a little boy and fountain called Manneken Pis. When you get a little bit familiar with Brussels, it’s high time to make some rest and visit one of multiple chocolate shops and cafes.

Belgium makes best and highest quality chocolate that can satisfy absolutely everyone. Even if you are not a sweet tooth, don’t pass through shops like Neuhaus, Godiva or Pierre Marcolini. Only here you can taste exclusive candies and chocolates you can never find anywhere else. Best chocolate, fantastic flavors, nuts, toffees, cream, liqueur and other numerous ingredients are mixed to create a unique and elegant taste.

During each visit to a chocolates shop in Belgium you will feel like you’re attending a boutique or a perfume shop. Luxury design, perfect boxes everywhere and heaven like chocolate in showcases.

This country has an old tradition of making premium chocolate and it tries to maintain this prestigious level and provide only best quality.

By the way, Belgium chocolate has always been a great souvenir. Prices in Belgium are usually reasonable; however, big premium chocolate boxes can be rather costly.


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  1. Stacey Says:

    You cannot show such pics to girls! I’m on a diet *giggles* I wonder how much such lovely candies cost

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